Zero Concept of Time [GP Vegas Day 3]

James, Adam, and I play the Sealed Event at GP Vegas, and it went okay for me!
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20 thoughts on “Zero Concept of Time [GP Vegas Day 3]”

  1. Hey Graham, I'm your round one opponent!!! Thanks for being awesome through these bad circumstances, and introducing me to the rest of the LRR guys there, it made it worth it in my opinion.

  2. I just wish the Luxor could have held GP Vegas. I mean a tournament for Amonkhet at the Luxor would have been so much flavor.

  3. While I don't actually play Magic, I know I always have a knack of somehow pulling byes. (The chance increasing the further I had to travel for the event.) Which sucks, due to living in the middle of nowhere I don't get to actually play games in the flesh that often. Don't care about "winning" or "making the cut", let me play the dang game.

  4. Honestly you got me into magic and twitch now you got me liking vlogs. What is this magic haha. honestly though loving this channel G

  5. Hey I'm in this video!! I didn't even realize that the vlog camera was recording!! I'm not complaining I'm just surprised!! I'm super happy and excited that I made it into one of these!! Also question since you guys have been in videos for a long time I'm sure you guys have heard recordings of yourself 1000 times over so is it just me or does everyone think they sound weird when recorded?

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