THE SEO Beginner Course Part One (What The Heck Is SEO?)

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16 thoughts on “THE SEO Beginner Course Part One (What The Heck Is SEO?)”

  1. Hey Alex can we do this from anywhere in the world ? I live in Europe and I want to work with businesses in the US, is it possible ? Thank you

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  3. DOES ANYONE know if this shit still works or is it mostly obsolete now because of the recent google update? Please someone get back to me

  4. Ive already watched this course once now I'm going back and taking thorough notes. I'm definitely going to try this, and it will be funded with money I made from instagram after watching a different video

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  6. Great video Alex! I tried buying some PBns but it looked like they were all expired offers. Any ideas? – Shane

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  8. I am open to the idea that i may be a complete idiot….but you always say "click here for this" and "click there for that," but they arent links that are set up. Its just a video. I cant click anything. Maybe it has something to do with my watching this on an ipad? The beginning of this video says "click here for this free software" and "click here to join the FB group" butttttt I cant click! Its not clickable. Help!

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