The BEST **2017** SEO Complete Course – YOU can rank on THIS!

Josh is back w/ CONTESTs & the BEST 2017 complete guide for SEO – EMAIL ME NOW FOR SEO: — note: the 8 site experiment for the disavow can ACTUALLY be found here:

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13 thoughts on “The BEST **2017** SEO Complete Course – YOU can rank on THIS!”

  1. Josh – What if you purchased a clean EMD that's about 7 yrs old to forward to an SEO Agency site – Would that hurt or help the existing domain… We've tested this on several clients in the last 6 months and have had good results with it in terms of growing the organic SEO base…

  2. Great SEO overview but just FYI, TOR uses multiple layers to route traffic through it & switches the country IP (IP geo location) so it's not "strictly" a fair test if you just fire up TOR and test, you're going to get a variation of country based results.

  3. Josh – You mention links provide significantly less ROI each year and Rank Brain is taking over. In order for Rank Brain to work, you already need to be ranking above the fold essentially, getting traffic, so Google can track your CTR vs. other sites ranking above the fold. Without a focus on links, how would a site even get in the top 3-5 listings so Rank Brain can take over?

  4. Josh, so your opinion is "Dont use disavow backlinks tool" unless you don't get any manual penalty (yet) even if you find few bad backlinks to your website ? Correct me if i'm wrong ? But there is risk that this backlinks ( <100 or >100 ) can damage your profile (or even website can get penalty) if you don't submit it ? What do you think about this ? Does it worth ?

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