Planning a Las Vegas Trip 2017: National Finals Rodeo #NFR

PLAN YOUR TRIP HERE: Planning a Las Vegas Trip 2017
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Here is short checklist to use as a guide when you are planning a Vegas trip for the National Finals Rodeo (NFR):

Vegas weather this time of year:
The National Finals Rodeo is held in the first half of December. The weather can be nice during the daytime. However, it will get cold at night once the sun goes down.

Vegas Travel Expenses: Hotel Rates, Room Accommodations, Flight Bookings
To travel to Las Vegas during the National Finals Rodeo you can expect that your overall traveling costs to be a bit higher than normal. Although the holiday time is slow in general in Las Vegas, the 10 day event does bring about 200,000 people to town. That many people traveling to Vegas at one time does create a high demand around town. You can expect your plane flights and hotel rooms to cost more than usual.
NFR is a little more expensive time of year to travel to Las Vegas

Is NFR a good time to bring kids on a Vegas family vacation?
If you are looking for a family friendly time to vacation in Vegas then I would say that the National Finals Rodeo is a good time to bring the family into town. There are many people who travel into town just for the rodeo, and they bring their children with them. Many people here for the rodeo choose to use the trip to Vegas as a family friendly vacation.

Other Vegas travel tips to keep in mind:
National Finals Rodeo is a big event on the calendar of Las Vegas tourism. It is the only real big event that takes place during the holiday season. With the 200,000 people that it brings to town, the city really does make a good effort to get in theme for the rodeo and give it a lot of attention.

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Planning a Las Vegas Trip 2017: National Finals Rodeo #NFR

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