Lucky Dragon on the North Strip: A Brand New Vegas Hotel & Casino! A different choice

Details of the Lucky Dragon Hotel and Casino on: – you can see all my recent Las Vegas videos on: and you can ask me questions, to which I will respond in about 48 hours, on:

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17 thoughts on “Lucky Dragon on the North Strip: A Brand New Vegas Hotel & Casino! A different choice”

  1. I don't see that being a big hit. To be honest I haven't been to Vegas in over 5 years. I got tired of the resort fees and ever higher prices. I went to Vegas every year for 15 years and now its not a good value in room, food or entertainment.

  2. Thanks for your Bacchanal video, I thought it was the best, and would have wasted some real money, appreciate all your videos!

  3. Cheap skates no buffet ? Won't last long , it's Vegas buffet is key for success . I won't be staying there , plus location sucks .

  4. It looks OPEN not packed in the casino area , looks nice I have to stop by when I'm in Vegas & yes it's a small place , not like a huge resort, I don't like staying up north , but it's fun to visit , I prefer staying on the strip ,

  5. Thanks for sharing, but I would not want to go here, even though I'm Asian! Some Chinese tourists (not all) have been known for their manners. I would rather go to the Vegas Chinatown area

  6. We walked over today this is the soft opening period they will do the grand opening this weekend. The casinos main focus is the Chinese Gambler. I am wishing them much success.

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